Professional Photography Service

Two Trees Studio provide photographer services in Calgary, Alberta. We are  serving any professional corporate company or local community that is looking to market their practices, feature staff or an event . This may include new images for marketing materials, website re-branding, annual reports, a business calendar, brochure or educational prospectus, corporate portraits or head shots, newsletters, a corporate function/ event, a graduation ceremony etc.
We also provide creative and contemporary on-location professional photography services that may transform the seemingly mundane into something special, and make your industrial location or industry stand out from the crowd.
Two Trees Studio has significant experience in working together with construction companies, housing associations and building contractors. This often involves long-term projects, providing construction clients with top end stills photography that documents the whole building process from begin to finish.

Benefits of Professional Photography

  • Professional photos will be unique to your website.
  • You will not see the same images elsewhere on the web.
  • They will be representative of your business.
  • Photos that are tailored to reflect your company image and style.
  • High quality images you can then use in your printed collateral.