Two Trees Studio provide best in class solutions for all your backup and disaster recovery needs, with hardware and software solutions. Our packages ensure your critical data, files, pictures, etc., are safeguarded automatically, securely, every day. Our small business and enterprise backup solutions, protect the smallest desktop to the largest enterprise server – 5 GB to 5 TB and more, with a package to suit your needs.

Local Backup

Is any backup where the backup storage is plugged into the computer or connected through a local area network to the source being backed up.

Offsite Backup

Off-site data protection, is the strategy of sending critical data out of the main location (off the main site) as part of a disaster recovery plan.

Cloud Backup

Is a strategy for backing up data that involves sending a copy of the data over a proprietary or public network to an off-site server.

Backup Solutions

  • Backup Windows & Mac OS computers
  • VMware ESX/ESXi Backup & Restore
  • Hyper-V Backup & Restore
  • Backup To Cloud Service
  • NAS Solutions - QNAP ,SYNOLOGY