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Running a quality website requires a lot of time and effort. And if you’re running a business it’s even more important to optimize your website. So that it is easy to use and easy to find. However, that can be tricky to do if you have a company to run. Whether you’re spending each day repairing appliances, relocating people or generating content for your blog, you still need to update your website. If you’re feeling like you can’t keep your website optimized and run your business at the same time – Two Trees Studio provides quality, reliable Edmonton website support services.

The digital world is developing at an insane pace. So it’s important to assess a website’s performance regularly. Some of our Edmonton website support services include:

Regular updates of your website software. For instance, WordPress uses a variety of plugins that facilitates the process of creating and maintaining a website. However, these plugins are constantly being revamped in order to perform better. Our Team will make sure that your site is up-to-date with the latest developments.

Secondly, by reviewing your website’s analytics we can diagnose what your website is doing well and what requires work. And there are a variety of factors that affect your website’s performance. We will create a plan and prioritize what parts of your website need to be repaired, built or changed.

Backing up your website’s files is another important aspect of our Edmonton website support services. By saving your files, it allows you to recover far more quickly. Anticipating when your website might crash is impossible. Therefore, it is wise to backup all your pages, images, blog posts as well as plugins – this will make the restoration process much easier.

Two Trees Studio offers responsive Edmonton website support services that will keep your pages looking great and user friendly.

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Website Repair Services Edmonton

Marketing is a competitive field. And all of the apps, platforms, content management systems and algorithms are constantly transforming. As updates are released, older systems and protocols become less effective or obsolete. Therefore, they need to be adjusted in order to work properly. Consequently, this can cause problems for your website. Part of our support packages includes Edmonton website repair services.

Our team combines the latest tools and technology with expert insights to keep your website working smoothly around the clock! The truth is, no one fully understands the direction or details of how the upcoming changes will affect a website. And so staying up to speed and understanding updates needs to be done in real time.

For instance, a common issue is a broken link. And while this is a minor issue, it can affect your pages’ authority. In other words, backlinking affects your website optimization. Therefore, fixing broken links – whether it’s an internal or external link – is highly important. It’s not uncommon that the page that your link brings your visitors to no longer exists or simply doesn’t work. And this can damage your website’s credibility as well as hurt your user experience.

Another common Edmonton website repair service that we provide is fixing outdated & deprecated dependencies. While a website may appear to be a singular system on the surface, that is far from the case. A website is a system of parts that work together. For instance, developing a brand new E-commerce platform for every website is simply ineffective. Therefore, many people use plugins or dependencies. Because they offer a simpler and more cost effective solution. Although, maintaining a seamless integration can be tricky at times.

With Two Trees Studio Edmonton website repair services, you’ll have a team of experts maintain a clean and functional integration of the various plugins. The reality is that issues will arise as the digital landscape develops. But with professional support, your website will transition smoothly with every update.

WordPress Repair Edmonton

Two Trees Studio also offers professional WordPress website repair services. We work with a variety of companies that operate in diverse fields. And we’ve found that among the content management systems (CMS), WordPress is one of the best available. Because it offers their users a platform that is easy to use and maintain. Therefore, our WordPress repair specialists in Edmonton can optimize your website quickly and effectively.

WordPress is a content management system that enables users to integrate dependencies or plugins with ease. As a result, creating a functional E-commerce page or designing the ultimate blog website is a straightforward process.

Our Edmonton WordPress repair specialists will work with you to reach your objectives. By knowing your goals, we can prioritize our website repair tasks accordingly. Our team has been working with WordPress for many years. So we can maintain, repair and optimize your website quickly and effectively. And that’s because we are familiar with the program and have worked with most of the plugins available on this CMS.

When it comes to managing your website, keeping it up to speed with the latest innovations, keeping it secure and protected and repairing it when it is down, our Edmonton WordPress repair specialists are on it. Our team knows how to integrate and manage plugins such as Yoast and Woo-commerce. And we use google analytics to assess your pages and much more! We’ll also oversee and execute complex tasks like website migration.

Additionally, our Edmonton WordPress repair specialists will keep you informed as updates are implemented. This way you can enjoy a clear mind knowing that your website is functioning perfectly and your online visibility is increasing. For more information about our Edmonton WordPress repair services, you can reach us by phone or through email.

12 Most Common WordPress Errors

  • Critical error on your website
  • Site is experiencing technical difficulties
  • Parse error/Syntax error
  • White screen of death (WSOD)
  • Internal server error
  • 404 error
  • Error establishing a database connection
  • Connection timed out error
  • You’re unable to upload images
  • You’re unable to access the admin area
  • WordPress is stuck in maintenance mode
  • WordPress failed to auto-update

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Website Migration Services Edmonton

Planning a website migration? Two Trees Studio offers WordPress website migration services too! This process can be a complicated and fragile one. And that can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, in certain circumstances, they can be necessary to upgrade your current website. You can count on us to seamlessly complete your WordPress website migration service from start to finish.

You might be wondering why a website would need to “migrate”. One way to think about website migration is to think of it as a physical store. As a successful company, you find that your current office, store or warehouse needs to be expanded. Although, that isn’t possible in your current location. Therefore, you pack up all of your things and relocate them to a more suitable building. However, you need to inform your customers. So you put signs up that indicate where your new location is.

It’s the same process for your website. Except you also need to let search engines know as well. Because online visibility is a competitive environment, starting from scratch can be a difficult process. Therefore, by migrating your website or WordPress website, you preserve its authority.

To put it plainly, pros of a successful website migration means that people can access your website through old links and it preserves your website’s authority. Meaning that once you’ve migrated, you will still maintain your inflow of organic traffic.

However, there are some risks too. Some of the cons is that the difficulty as well as how long this process can take depends on how elaborate your website is. This procedure is not a simple process. Therefore it can be time consuming.

There’s always a correct way to do things and an incorrect way. You can trust our WordPress website migration services to be done the right way. Our team works with precision and care.

Website Optimization Services Edmonton

Two Trees Studio also offers website optimization services. Ultimately, your website is there to help you reach out to potential customers. And it helps them find a solution to their problem. So improving your online visibility is integral to increasing your organic traffic and your bottomline. Our website support and repair are integrated in the optimization process.

Similarly, the algorithms that search engines use to determine rank and authority are constantly changing. Which means that the optimization process has to adapt constantly. There are countless tricks to optimize a website.

Some our techniques and plans include:

Ensuring design consistency across all pages. As plugins, dependencies and search engines become more sophisticated, the integration process needs to adapt. Fixing bugs is simply part of the process. However, these bugs can affect how your page looks and in some cases your pages won’t work at all… It’s also important that your website is adapted to work on different hardwares like phones, tablets and different search engines too.

Another way to optimize your website site is to improve its speed. With our Edmonton website optimization services, we can increase your page’s loading speed by compressing images, reducing redirects and by eliminating unnecessary plugins. It’s the overall quality of your website that plays a large role in determining your website’s rank. Search engines are designed to make it easy for the user to find useful and helpful content, products and services.

And finally, there is on page search engine optimization. By implementing keywords, google is able to crawl, index and rank your page based on the information contained in it. And this allows people to more effectively find what they’re searching for.

Two Trees Studio has been providing Edmonton website optimization services to a variety of companies working in unique fields.


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