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Are you wondering why you should choose Two Trees Studios? As local WordPress developers, we are a cost-efficient service for improving your business’s online presence. With our technical knowledge and expertise, we help companies struggling with securing their site or backing up their data. We also completely customize website themes and plug-ins or work on a brand-new redesign. As the best WordPress designers in Calgary, we are responsible for your site’s back-end and front-end development. In addition to creating these valuable resources, we also can build a site map or wireframes for a potential site. Not to mention, we can redesign an existing website and migrate it to a WordPress platform. This will contain SEO-optimized content to boost your conversion rates. We take on the more technical challenges of creating and managing your WordPress site, letting you do what you do best – serving your customers.

Secure and high-quality coding is just the start. We take an innovative approach to make your site fast, secure, and reliable every step of the way. The two most important features of any website are security and performance. We perform multi-level code audits to verify every line of your website’s code and make it as secure as possible. And, our services include keeping your website updated, as well as scheduling automated offsite backups and external security scans. When we complete website development, Calgary, we use the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. This knowledge is essential for troubleshooting, debugging, and extending the platform’s functionality. And, once your website is complete, we will show you how to operate it. Or, we can provide post-launch support. The choice is up to you!

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WordPress Developer in Calgary

Our WordPress web design process begins with a sitdown with you. During this, we would need you to complete an elaborate brief and provide information on functionality and what you want your site to achieve within the context of your business. This would act as the base for research and aid us in formulating a detailed strategy.

From our end, we would provide suggestions on design, cosmetic and other relevant features before we start working on your site. Based on your information, collaboration and our research, we would create several sample user interfaces for your website.

After you provide feedback and select one, we move on to the development phase. This would also involve populating the UI with all the content you have provided. We would develop your WordPress page in such a way that nearly every aspect is manageable by you once completed.

WordPress Development Solutions for Any Organization

We have the best WordPress developers, Calgary, providing you with WordPress solutions for any organization. Whether you are a local start-up or a multi-million-dollar corporation, we put together teams of WordPress web developers and content managers to expand your brand. The market is flooded by companies selling similar products in different packaging. And locally, dozens of competing companies are all striving to be at the top of their industry. That’s why brand experience is essential for making a difference by bringing in your customers. We aim to deliver additional value with your branding for your products or services and go beyond just features and functionality. We will help determine what sets you apart from other companies and showcase this through strategized web content and unique designs. By doing so, we ensure that we can retain your audience’s attention and earn their loyalty, making your business thrive.

At Two Trees Studio, we are on the leading edge when it comes to website design and development. We are here to deliver superior results every time. And, when it comes to your site’s maintenance, we will ensure that it will work smoothly and efficiently. Each page is tailored to look fabulous whether you view it on your desktop, tablet, or phone. And through deliberate design, we can help optimize your sales funnels, so your website’s guests generate leads or sales. With proper functionality, it is incredible what a well-thought-out website will do for your business. With us, we will find the right solution.

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Calgary’s Largest WordPress Development Agency

As Calgary’s largest WordPress development agency, we work with a portfolio of companies to drive branding programs. Also, we manage the front-end development and maintenance of your digital marketing properties. We do this using various web CMS platforms and marketing automation tools through WordPress. Our goal is to manage the process of building, updating, and maintaining your website for optimal performance and search engine rankings. And while doing this, we keep the principles of user experience, accessibility, and mobile-friendly design in mind. We have demonstratable experience creating WordPress sites, including database and platform configurations in secure enterprise environments. And let’s not forget our focus on template development, theme customization, site activation, and quality assurance. Our team will help guide the way, providing technical advice and direction, troubleshooting, and consulting concerning your site’s infrastructure. Wait and see how our expertise at Two Trees Studio helps you reach your web design goals.

With our custom redesign options, we can revitalize your website and put it to work for your business. Whatever size of website you require or whether you require a complex design, we will develop a top-ranking site with all the functionality you need. A website redesign is not a simple task. There is often more to it than building a new website from scratch. You may have legacy content, customer profiles, products, or unique custom scripts that will need to be updated and migrated to the new WordPress site. We will take you through the entire process of building your redesigned website, from the concept stage to the final launch. All aspects of your former website will be audited, researched, and defined to determine the ideal strategy for your online presence. Together, our team will use strategic and creative processes to reach your audience through well-crafted WordPress development, Calgary.

WordPress & Woo Commerce Development

Want to start your webstore business or sell on eBay through WordPress?  Get in touch with us to see how! WordPress is the world most popular content management system (CMS) that can be used for multi purposes. We take pride in delivering stunning WordPress E-Commerce websites. Moreover, we always aim for high usability and user experience.

  • Very powerful Content Management System.
  • Suitable for any web projects (Hotel Booking, Product/Service Info Site, Niche Businesses)
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Flexible & highly customization however

Basically, if you are looking to engage a WordPress Development Company in Calgary, there is no better solution than Two Trees Studio. With a great team of in-house WordPress developers, we serve clients in Calgary and the rest of the country with exceptional competence and efficiency.


WordPress Website Design and Development by Professional Developers, Designers, and Strategists

We only hire the best WordPress developers, Calgary. That’s why your company can rely on us to meet all your needs for WordPress development, Calgary. We are a team of WordPress industry experts who perform activities related to SEO and consultancy, including web development and design. Furthermore, we take the security of your site seriously, and that’s why we ensure that there are no weaknesses in the code and database. You can rest easy knowing that our security initiatives will remain strong and protect you against hackers. Our framework is built from the ground up with secure code, as is everything that we develop on top of it. Due to the websites we’ve built and maintained, we have gained the expertise necessary to ensure maximum security protocols for your website. Our securely coded framework re-engineers WordPress API, letting us establish sets of functions and layouts built exclusively for your website.

We also deal with the scalability of your site if you would like to move from a smaller site to a more complex one capable of handling custom forms, specially designed features, unique themes, plug-ins, shopping carts, interactive media, and more. Whatever you need your websites to do, we can make it happen. WordPress has an extensive library of third-party plug-ins. But we specialize in building unique tools that are entirely customized to your website. Also, using your existing business tools, we can integrate them with your new WordPress site. Lastly, performance optimization is what brings everything together so that your customer interactions occur in a seamless manner. We make SEO a top priority so that the entire site is designed with this in mind. Our strategists specialize in SEO planning and development tactics to equip your WordPress site so it ranks in search engines.


Everything You Need for Your Perfect Website

We do more than simple custom web designs. We help you reach the next level for your branding and achieve top-ranking positions with search engines. To do so, we use analytics to measure your current website’s performance. We use that as a starting point for targeting what works and what doesn’t for your audience. Then, we conduct keyword research and analyze your competitors. This process is to discover the best phrases, words, and appropriate URL structures for search engine rankings. We assign keywords to your web pages while keeping the aesthetic appeal that makes your brand stand out. Then our designers, developers, copywriters, strategists, and project managers will work in concert and use their extensive SEO expertise to create a website that meets our high standards of excellence.

When it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization, a new website won’t mean much if it doesn’t convert your website visitors into solid leads. We take a data-driven approach for WordPress development, Calgary, using heat maps, analytics, and other industry-specific techniques to convert your visitors. Our strategies include content marketing, routine reporting, and analyses carried out by our specialized WordPress developers, Calgary. And when it comes to Site Speed Optimization, we make your website fast by not adding things that will slow them down. We set up server and browser caching, use a reliable content delivery network, write code that quickly queries databases, and implement the latest stable version of PHP. Also, we optimize all content with impactful copywriting and choose a secure and reliable hosting provider. We pour many hours into creating and developing your WordPress site, so you get everything you need for your perfect website.

WordPress Technical Support, Maintenance, and Training

After the launch of your website, we will put our effort into making sure your site stays up-to-date, secure, and generates leads. WordPress is constantly improving with platform upgrades, plug-in updates, and security enhancements. That’s why having a development team like Two Trees Studio focusing on optimization and maintenance is a very proactive decision. As part of our services, we will implement new platform upgrades and installations as they arise and update all extensions and plug-ins. Not to mention, we will find, troubleshoot, and fix any bugs that come from automatic updates. Your site will be backed up during all upgrades, and we will establish schedules for regular maintenance checks. Finally, we will keep your site up to date on all browsers, devices, platforms, and operating systems. We are constantly working to conquer the evolving digital expansion of WordPress to ensure our clients get nothing but the best service.

And one of the best parts of working with Two Trees Studio is that we want you to be comfortable working with your new website. We will conduct training sessions for your team and provide WordPress technical support and maintenance. Our local WordPress developer’s expertise will turn your website into a lean, mean, profit-driving machine that is both user-friendly and easy to maintain by your team. Every little detail of your website will be one-of-a-kind and exclusively tailored to meet your company’s requirements. WordPress is one of the most flexible and versatile content management systems available. The possibilities are endless if you are using the platform to its full potential. We ensure you get the most out of the CMS and have all the help you need to keep it running smoothly. If you ever need assistance, with WordPress development, Calgary, we are here to help. Reach out today!


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