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Web Design & Development Services in Ottawa

These days, people’s attention is focused online. Modern citizens use the internet for just about everything from finding information to doing their groceries. And to operate a business at maximum capacity, you’ll want to make use of the online realm. So thanks to the digital landscape, reaching out to your clients has never been easier or as far reaching. However, it’s only easy if you know how to build a website that is easy to find and easy to use. And that’s why Two Trees Studio provides web design and development services – Ottawa.

We get that you need to make your business work. That’s why we offer our Ottawa web design and development services. Running a business is a full time job (trust us we know). So finding the time to build, optimize and maintain your online presence can be tough. We love helping people stay focused on their businesses. And by building functional websites that are easy to navigate and search engine friendly, we can help your business grow.

We’ll start the process with a call in order to get to know you and your business. With a deeper understanding of your brand and what distinguishes you from the competition, we’ll be able to promote and represent your company more clearly. At Two Trees Studio, we want to know what your goals are so you can get the most out of our web design and development services. We’ll build a strategy that will get you closer to your objectives one step at a time.

You’ll never stress over poor performance, lost customers, and the mess of an unprofessional website. Rest easy knowing Two Trees Studio will take care of all your web design needs for you! Let’s get started today. Give us a call and start building your website. We provide the best web design and development services in Ottawa.

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WordPress Design Services – Ottawa

You want to be able to update your own content whenever you want without having to rely on someone else. You also don’t have time or money for a full-time web developer right now. But what if there was another way? What if there were WordPress developers who could do all the work for you in less time than it takes most people to make one change? Well, guess what – there are! And they’re standing by waiting for your call right now!

WordPress is a magnificent tool that is used to build websites. It’s easy to use and there are many useful plugins. Two Trees Studio provides WordPress development services – Ottawa. And we know the ins and outs of this platform. That means we can build you a beautiful, functional website that will grow with your business as it expands. Our team is ready to help you achieve your goals online by creating an amazing site for you today!


WordPress Development Services – Ottawa

Two Trees Studio’s expert WordPress developers can build virtually anything for your website. And that includes an ecommerce page to sell you products and services online. We can create a blog where you can reach out to your clientele and establish your brand as an authority in the field. And we can design a homepage that is aesthetic and user friendly. Let’s face it. Your website needs to be easy to use. And the easier it is to guide your potential buyer to the purchasing phase the better your conversion rates will be.

Two Trees Studio has been providing WordPress development services for many years. So we’ve gotten quite comfortable using the program. Staying up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms is our business. And we’ll design a WordPress website that will impress your clients every step of the way.

Website Repair Services Ottawa

No business is them. And so it should follow that the needs of each business vary. Which is why Two Trees Studio doesn’t apply a one size fits all model for our services. We offer a variety of website support packages. And they’re designed to suit the needs of your business regardless of its size, niche and budget.

The digital landscape is constantly shifting. And that’s because people are constantly innovating. The algorithms that are used to determine your website’s authority and therefore visibility are constantly changing. And that is why you need to be working on your website regularly. And with our website support packages you’ll have expert developers maintaining your website. We’ll stay on top of the latest updates and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your website is fully operational and visible.

Website Support Services Ottawa

Transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred online store. Delivering enterprise-level quality & features whilst backed by a name you can trust.

One of the leading eCommerce solutions for online businesses in various parts of the world is WooCommerce. The fact that it is extremely simple to use makes it a popular choice. If you want eCommerce solutions that work in the favour of your users as well as store managers, then WooCommerce is the best solution to opt for. When you integrate WooCommerce Shopping Cart solutions into your new WordPress website or existing eCommerce store, you can notice the increase in the number of visitors and therefore better conversion rates since this is a search engine friendly option.

Get your dream online store in no time with the help of our experienced team. Our WooCommerce Development services are focused at building solutions that match up to your needs and the latest industry trends.

Above all, we are experts in WordPress – WooCommerce development, and we can help you create or update a site so that it functions as it should. In addition, we provide other WordPress/WooCommerce services as well, which you can learn more about below.

In conclusion, looking to have your WooCommerce shopping cart designed and managed? We have been using this system for years and can help you out.

  • We bring experience and sophistication to website repair
  • Weekly updates of outdated WordPress plugins, themes and system files
  • Weekly security checks for malware and vulnerabilities
  • Monthly website backups. Free of charge recovery
  • New web page layout based on existing design
  • Social media marketing
  • Managing of Google Ads, Bing & Facebook
  • Ongoing PPC Agency Support
  • Campaign Setup & Management
  • PPC Ads Copy-writing
  • Managing Organic SEO
  • PPC Agency Keyword Research
  • Website Rank Monitoring
  • New Content Based on Popular Keywords

Search Engine Optimization Ottawa

Search engine optimization is a competitive field. Everyone is working hard to be the most visible online. Through the use of keywords, internal and external linking, relevant information and much more, people aim to build authority in a particular niche. Two Trees Studio is in the search engine optimization game. So we know how important it is to get your site on the first page of Google. That’s why we love helping people stay focused on their businesses as they grow by increasing their online visibility and click through rates.

Every query starts at a search engine. There are a variety of search engines available. Some examples include: Google, Firefox, Bing, Safari, Yahoo and much more. A search engine is designed to help users find what they’re looking for. By typing in particular keywords, the search engine will offer a page of links with what it perceives to be relevant content. And what determines a page’s relevance is based on the latest algorithm released by any given search engine. Your content will be indexed based on those parameters.

Keywords will vary in terms of competitiveness. And Two Trees Studio implements the latest softwares that will measure the metric of various keywords and build a search engine optimization strategy based on the results. You can trust us to create informative, easy to read content that will increase organic traffic to your pages. Not only will this increase your visibility, but it will increase click through rates and ultimately bring more business to your brand.

So trust the experts to optimize your website. If you’re a business operating in Ottawa, we’ll strategically build an SEO plan around your specific needs. By using local search engine optimization we’ll increase your online visibility and help increase your revenue.

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