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Managing a website’s upkeep when running a business can be frustrating and time-consuming. Your website’s content, plug-ins, and product descriptions must be regularly updated and SEO optimized. At Two Trees Studio, we offer affordable and thorough website support, Kelowna. We will optimize your website, generate content for your products and blog, and update your plug-ins. Our website support services will help keep customers looking up your website to see what your business has to offer.

When it comes to digital marketing, the landscape is constantly changing. New and better-performing plug-ins are created daily for WordPress sites, and we will ensure that you benefit from these new features. Also, we will review your website’s analytics to diagnose what’s working and what isn’t. Then, we will establish a plan and determine the parts of your site that need to be repaired or changed. We will also build features to meet your business’s requirements if needed. We will then implement changes to improve your website’s performance.

Another critical service we offer is backing up your website’s files. So if anything happens to your site, we will be able to have it up and running far more quickly. You never know when your website might crash, so that’s why we backup your pages, blog posts, plug-ins, and images on a regular basis.

When working with Two Trees Studio, we will ensure your site stays updated with all the latest developments. And we will work collaboratively with you to create the website you have envisioned. If your website repeatedly crashes, is glitchy, or is not search engine optimized, we can take care of all of that for you at an affordable rate. Also, our turnaround time is excellent as we are a team of professionals that only want the best for the companies we serve.



$ 59 Month
  • Edit, revise, or update pages based on existing design.
  • Weekly updates of outdated WordPress plugins, themes and system files.
  • Weekly security checks for malware and vulnerabilities.
  • Monthly website backups. Free of charge recovery
  • * Website ticket turnaround time 72 hours


$ 239 Month
  • New web page layout based on existing design.
  • Edit, revise, or update pages based on existing design.
  • Weekly website updates
  • Weekly security checks for malware and vulnerabilities.
  • Social media marketing.
  • * Website ticket turnaround time 48 hours


$ 290 Month
  • Managing of Google Ads, Bing & Facebook.
  • Ongoing PPC Agency Support.
  • Campaign Setup & Management
  • PPC Ads Landing Page Optimizatio
  • PPC Ads Copy-writing.
  • PPC Agency Keyword Research.
  • * Website ticket turnaround time 24 hours


$ 390 Month
  • Managing of Google Ads, Bing & Facebook.
  • Ongoing PPC Agency Support.
  • Managing Organic SEO.
  • Website Rank Monitoring
  • New Content Based on Popular Keywords.
  • Monthly website backups.
  • * Website ticket turnaround time 24 hours

Website Repair Services Kelowna

Marketing is competitive, to say the least. And there are always new technological innovations when it comes to web design and development. After a while, your website will become outdated and will need to be repaired. That’s why, at Two Trees Studio, we offer website repair services, Kelowna. We will keep your website performing its best by ensuring all the apps, platforms, content management systems, and algorithms are up to date. For marketing reasons, you need to constantly assess your branding and marketing strategies to stand out over your competition. We can help you remain relevant online by asserting your business’s authority to draw in people who want your products or services.

With all the technological changes, it can be challenging to anticipate what a particular adaptation or plug-in will do for your website. They may improve it, but without expert insight and knowledge, a plug-in may do more harm than good. That’s why we study your website’s analytics to determine if the new additions or changes to your site are beneficial. By relying on our website support, Kelowna, we guarantee that your website will function better than ever.

Monitoring and maintaining your website’s performance is vital. If your website has performance issues, it can hurt your ability to convert visitors into customers. It may also interfere with collecting data needed to adjust marketing efforts and business strategies. Common website problems include messy code, broken links, outdated website design, slow loading times, problematic landing pages, mobile incompatibility, lack of SEO, cluttered homepage, security and certification problems, no backup, tracking codes, and poor social media integration. But don’t get discouraged. That is why we are here to help you repair your website, so it starts marketing your products or services again the way it should.

WordPress Repair Kelowna

Two Trees Studio also offers professional WordPress website repair services. We work with a variety of companies that operate in diverse fields. And we’ve found that among the content management systems (CMS), WordPress is one of the best available. Because it offers their users a platform that is easy to use and maintain. Therefore, our WordPress repair specialists in Edmonton can optimize your website quickly and effectively.

WordPress is a content management system that enables users to integrate dependencies or plugins with ease. As a result, creating a functional E-commerce page or designing the ultimate blog website is a straightforward process.

Our Edmonton WordPress repair specialists will work with you to reach your objectives. By knowing your goals, we can prioritize our website repair tasks accordingly. Our team has been working with WordPress for many years. So we can maintain, repair and optimize your website quickly and effectively. And that’s because we are familiar with the program and have worked with most of the plugins available on this CMS.

When it comes to managing your website, keeping it up to speed with the latest innovations, keeping it secure and protected and repairing it when it is down, our Edmonton WordPress repair specialists are on it. Our team knows how to integrate and manage plugins such as Yoast and Woo-commerce. And we use google analytics to assess your pages and much more! We’ll also oversee and execute complex tasks like website migration.

Additionally, our Edmonton WordPress repair specialists will keep you informed as updates are implemented. This way you can enjoy a clear mind knowing that your website is functioning perfectly and your online visibility is increasing. For more information about our Edmonton WordPress repair services, you can reach us by phone or through email.

12 Most Common WordPress Errors

  • Critical error on your website
  • Site is experiencing technical difficulties
  • Parse error/Syntax error
  • White screen of death (WSOD)
  • Internal server error
  • 404 error
  • Error establishing a database connection
  • Connection timed out error
  • You’re unable to upload images
  • You’re unable to access the admin area
  • WordPress is stuck in maintenance mode
  • WordPress failed to auto-update


Website Migration Services Kelowna

The term website migration describes significant changes to a website that may affect SEO. These changes can occur to the domain, URLs, hosting, platform, or design. Migrations can be extremely complex as they involve many people and parts. We will assign a project manager to control all the people involved, the roles, deadlines, and a way to track the progress. In order to prepare, we will crawl your website with a site auditing system. Then we will create a set of test pages which we also crawl and use later to check for errors. And we will make a backup of your site if we have to revert due to any errors.

If you are keeping the same URL, it is typically a more straightforward move, especially for SEO. It may still be complex, but the tasks involve the infrastructure or developers more. The migration may include revamping the hosting, the platform, and the design. We will look for changes to the canonical tags, title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, Hreflang, Schema, meta robots, content, internal links, and speed differences. We will audit the site to observe the changes.

If the URL changes, the migration is more complex and typically involves a changing domain, a site merge, or splitting of a site. There also may be protocol changes between the HTTP and HTTPS or path changes to the site architecture. Here we will update all the internal links, set up Google Search Console, remove crawling blocks for pages on the site, ensure pages are correctly indexed and redirect pages have a 301 redirect. Once again, we will crawl the website before making the site live.

Then we at Two Trees will perform extensive testing and ongoing monitoring to make sure everything is progressing as it should. We will ensure to keep security certificates renewed or switch to a multi-domain certificate.

Essentially a site migration is like upgrading your business to a bigger and better location. Still, for a website, you must let search engines know how to reach the new site to maintain your online visibility and authority. People will be able to use your old links to reach your new online shopfront so that you keep your organic traffic. It is not an easy process and can be time-consuming. But trust that our website migration services, Kelowna, will meet all your expectations and aspirations for your site.

Website Optimization Services Kelowna

At Two Trees Studio, we offer the best web optimization services, Kelowna. With our help, you will expand your reach to potential customers. We will improve your online visibility by increasing your organic traffic through our website support and repair services.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing to determine the rank and authority of your website. So, in order to keep up with these changes, your optimization process has to adapt. But, we know all the tricks to keep your website generating leads and bringing in more visitors. This will increase your bottom line and help your business prosper. Contact us today for website support, Kelowna, to see what we can do for your website.

Some of our techniques and plans include:

First, we will ensure design consistency among your website’s pages. And then, we will help your site adapt to plug-in developments, dependencies, and search engine changes. We will install updates to ensure your site is always ahead of the game. And we will fix bugs that may affect the look of your pages or stop them from working. Also, at Two Trees Studio, we will optimize pages for viewing across all devices.

Regarding the speed of your site, our website support and optimization services will help increase the loading speed. We will reduce redirects, complete image compressing, and eliminate plug-ins that reduce your site’s speed. Our company will improve the overall quality of your website so that search engines can find your content, products, and services.

And then, there is search engine optimization to consider. That’s where our talented copywriters come in. They will use keywords in their text to help Google crawl, index, and rank your page by the content your website contains. This strategy will help potential customers find what they are looking for on your site.

Two Trees Studio has been helping clients like you achieve the desired SEO results needed to bring in more customers and generate leads. Let us help your business grow with measurable results that we will be able to demonstrate for you when your website is live again. Depend on us for website support, Kelowna. See what a difference professional web designers and developers can make for your business.


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