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Migrating to WordPress has never been easy. We can migrate any website to WordPress with our experience and knowledge of last 10 years. We know moving your website from one platform to another can be a difficult and daunting task, many people don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to migrate websites. Your current live website remains as it is, while we migrate, and your website to WordPress. After migration, your website will look identical to your old website. All your data, images, web pages will be migrated to your new WordPress website. We offer best solution of secure website migration to WordPress platform from Joomla, Wix, Dupal, Big Commerce, Shopify and more.

Moving your website can be a daunting and risky task, one false step and it could mean your website is offline for hours or even days. If you’d rather leave it up to the experts, Two Trees Studio – Website Migration  have low-cost website migration services which do all of the work for you. Simply provide our team with your existing hosting login details and we’ll start the investigation and process. Migrations are also scheduled overnight, so in most scenarios it won’t affect your ability to do business.

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Optimize Site Structure

Often in our SEO audits we comment on the site structure. Though a high priority action, we often expect the site structure to remain the same for a number of months.

What we look for is meaningful organization of the URLs and relationships between pages that dictate hierarchy. However it means new URL structures and redirect mapping that must be undertaken with the highest attention to detail.

That is why it usually only occurs during a web migration, due to the care, time and thought that goes into it. However it can be one of the most beneficial opportunities to seize and to reap the rewards afterwards.

WordPress Migration Experts

Get Reliable, Secure and Affordable website migration services at Two Trees Studio!

If you are planning to migrate from a static platform to WordPress, then our migration experts are here to help you out. WordPress is a robust Content Management System that can help create dynamic websites. Our team can complete migrations with minimal downtime, ensuring a seamless transition between platforms, as well as functionality and search engine optimization (SEO).

Further, when it comes to WordPress website migration service, you need a partner that executes correctly the first time. At Two Trees Studio, we specialize in making website migrations a smoother process overall. Our dedicated WordPress migration experts work with you through the entirety of your website migration. We start by providing you with a quick and efficient site audit, and then move forward into testing out your new hosting environment.

Moreover, a WordPress website migration is a crucial task and requires careful planning. And that is what we offer at Two Trees Studio. We simplify your migration process with our dependable website migration services. So you can focus on more important tasks, such as improving your website content or finding potential customers.

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Website migration from hosting to hosting

If you are planning to change your hosting provider, we can help you move your website to a new host. Our experienced in-house team can move your site from one host to another with minimal downtime. We always handle the migration professionally, so you do not have to worry about interruptions in your website service.

Further, our website migration services make sure that your website migration from hosting to hosting is fast and efficient. We will discuss your site before building a road map of what needs to be done. This includes any changes to content and structure before migration. Our team will help you check for compatibility before we switch so that everything transfers smoothly.

Moreover, website migration from hosting to hosting takes time and careful planning, but we know just what to do. We have handled hundreds of sites in the same situation, so we will get the job done right. Just give us a call and we will help you move your website over to a new host through our reliable website migration services.

Website migration from WIX to WordPress

Are you currently using WIX but want to move to WordPress? WIX is great for small projects. But as your business grows, you need more control over the functionality and design of your website, and you will outgrow WIX. Two Trees Studio offers a smooth migration from WIX to WordPress so that you lose no functionality or data in your transition.

Further, at Two Trees Studio we are WordPress migration experts that specialize in migrations of all sizes. We understand how frustrating it is to move sites, build new ones, or move them between designers. Our team can quickly and efficiently migrate your site to WordPress with no database loss and/or downtime. Also making sure that your site is as responsive as possible in its new home. We take care of all technical maintenance, hosting, and security issues to keep your WordPress website and content safe.

Moreover, WIX sites are easy to use, but they are limited in what they can do. Let Two Trees Studio help you through our dedicated website migration services and easily migrate from WIX to WordPress. So that it can reach its full potential and be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Website migration from Squarespace to WordPress

Looking to switch from Squarespace to WordPress? We have ample experience in website migration services and offer a suite of tools when you are ready to migrate from Squarespace to WordPress. We offer comprehensive information on the migration process and have a dedicated team of professional developers at your service. Our professional WordPress experts are here to provide the care and attention your migration needs.

Moreover, our team of skilled web professionals collaborate directly with your Squarespace webmaster to plan and execute the move. Our experts are familiar with the Squarespace platform and know how to keep content and SEO intact when moving your website. This allows you to maintain a smooth transition from Squarespace to WordPress with no downtime. We have a Squarespace-to-WordPress migration expert ready to support your move and answer any questions you may have.

Hence, when you are ready for website migration from Squarespace to WordPress, we are here for you. Two Trees Studio provides seamless and stress-free Squarespace to WordPress website migration services and upgrades.


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