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Are you trying to get more traffic to your website? Perhaps you’re a moving company and you want to rank higher in google searches. But no matter what you try, nothing seems to work.

Two Trees Studio is a digital agency that specializes in Website Optimization Services. We can develop a strategy to help your website rank higher in searches.

What exactly is website optimization and why should you care about it?

When someone is searching the web, they use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to name a few. These search engines act as a sort of librarian, the internet is a vast library and your website is like a book, or several books. Of course, any functional library won’t simply have its books scattered carelessly in a disorganized and chaotic heap. Because it would be almost impossible to find what we’re looking for! The books need to be organized alphabetically and by subject. That way, people can find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re operating an online business, a blog, or simply have a website for the fun of it, in order for people to land on your page, there are a few things that need to be in order. First, is a little thing we like to call… you guessed it, website optimization. This can also be referred to as search engine optimization (SEO).

Website Optimization Services is a set of practices designed to increase the quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

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How Does Aearch Engine/ Website Optimization Work?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s stick to the most used search engine, Google. Google bots are like tiny librarians that scan your page’s content. This is done in order to help people like you find what they’re looking for. There is a 3 step process for this.

Crawling: First, Google will “crawl” your pages’ website code and content, searching for ‘keywords’. For a clearer picture, imagine a librarian reading the contents of a book so they know what it’s about.

Indexing: Next, after having read your page, it will store and organize your page based on the content. Your book (webpage) will be placed on the shelf with other similar books. So when someone is looking for information that can be found on your page, google will direct them to it.

However, it’s highly unlikely that your content will be the only website with relevant information on a given subject. This is where website optimization pays off. Unlike a library, finding relevant content simply requires typing keywords into the search engine. Google will display a page of links to websites (books) that are optimized for and relevant to a person’s search query. Often when you search something on Google, if you check the bottom of your search, you will notice that it has given you countless pages to explore. And that’s where step 3 comes in.

Ranking: Google will then have to decide how authoritative your page is compared to the others on the subject matter. This is largely based on the relevance of your content and how optimized your website is for that particular search query.

Sounds simple right? Unfortunately that’s not necessarily the case.

An ever-changing field

Like most things, with time, Google’s search engine algorithm has evolved. In other words, the field of website optimization is constantly changing. Which means that the tactics and strategies that used to get you ranked at the top of a google search don’t necessarily work anymore. However, this is ultimately to help the searcher find the most relevant and pertinent information.

Although, it also makes ranking higher more difficult. With markets increasingly moving to the digital sphere, competition for that first page is getting fiercer. Even if you’re ranked at the top today, tomorrow someone else might take your place. And that can be exhausting.

Website Optimization Services Two Tree Studios Website Optimization Services

That’s where we come in! Two Trees Studio is a team of experts dedicated to providing website optimization services to companies in a variety of fields. We stay up-to-date with the latest SEO algorithms so we can continue to link our clients with their customers. We do everything from web design to content optimization! Our writers intricately weave keywords into content that best describes what your business does and highlights the quality of your work. Two Trees Studio web designers will optimize your website for desktop, tablets and phones. So if you’re trying to get your website optimized, call now! You’ll be amazed at what we can do for you.


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