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eCommerce solutions tailored to your needs

With economic life increasingly taking place online, it’s important to have an exceptional eCommerce website. In order to attract people and convert them into paying customers, your website needs to be optimized for that task. But what does that mean or even look like? The best eCommerce websites have exceptional user interfaces and also provide seamless user experiences. Let’s face it. The last place you’ll want to buy something online is from a website that is unappealing and difficult to navigate. At Two Trees Studio, we have a team of web designers and copywriters that will make your website standout! We can help you with everything from development, marketing and design. Our developers can integrate third party software like PayPal and Square with your WordPress eCommerce website. And come up with a strategic and effective marketing plan. Two Trees Studio also specializes in website design – making your eCommerce website aesthetically pleasing and easy to find what you’re looking for. We are committed to finding the right solution for you. If you’re struggling with your online business, or need to optimize what you already have, Two Trees Studio is here for you. We have the skills and experience to bring the best out of your eCommerce website.

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eCommerce Website Solutions

It all starts with your brand

Before we even start to think about designing your eCommerce website, it’s important that we get to know your brand. The key to creating a personalized and effective eCommerce website is to know how to highlight your brand. We’ll scribble down a few notes and take some time to brainstorm. And when it’s time to build or modify, you’ll love how efficiently we work.

Ecommerce Solutions tailored to your needs

No business is the same. And that’s a beautiful thing. Your eCommerce  website is a chance for you to rise above the competition. It’s an opportunity to distinguish products and services from that of the
competition, with a stunning design and a smooth user experience.

Some websites take a long time to load, or have a poor layout. And this can turn customers away. At Two Trees Studio, we’ve built hundreds of successful eCommerce websites. So we understand the necessities of a quality site.

However, a one size fits all solution is not applicable here. What works for one eCommerce website doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone. Every business caters to different markets, and has different goals. That’s why we work with you to find the best solution.

Two Trees Studio wants to know about your goals and what you’ve been doing to achieve them. We want to know all of the beautiful and pragmatic aspects of your business, so we can help portray them to your clients. Often there are tips and tricks that you may not have thought of that can drastically increase your click through rates and even convert visitors into buyers. And we’ll ensure that your website will appear in a variety of searches on multiple search engines.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, a growing business or a well established brand, we can transform your website into a clean, easy to use, conversion orientated eCommerce website.

Build an Ecommerce Website that converts visitors in buyers

eCommerce Website Development

Generating sales can be a tricky thing. Generally, a business offers a solution to a problem. The problem is one that affects a large group of people (market), which is ultimately what keeps the company in business. However, tapping into that market to maximize your sales. If you already have a quality product or service, you’re halfway there!

In stores, you would have someone to clearly explain all of the value in your product or service. Your sales employee would know a few tricks to properly highlight how helpful the product/service is and then smoothly guide your customer to the cash. eCommerce is the same. However, instead of a person guiding them, it’s your website.

Two Trees Studio can emulate that process with immaculate design and seamless navigation. We also have copywriters who know how to select the right words and craft enticing sentences to woo your customers and get them to click that “pay” button to finalize the transaction.


Boost your sales with customized solutions

eCommerce Website Solutions

Having a quality eCommerce website is integral for your business to thrive. With technology and computers taking a bigger role in who we go about our shopping, work, and even how we find information, the need for eCommerce websites is only going to increase. Two Trees Studio stays up-to-date with all of the latest technologies, algorithms and marketing practices. In a fast paced world like this, you need some like that on your side. You need to focus on what your business does. And that’s where we come in.
eCommerce Design for WordPress

An eCommerce page is usually embedded within your company’s website. This allows people to learn more about your company, what it does and then quickly browse your products and services. It usually includes directories, categories, sub-categories, comparison charts, shopping carts, discounts and whatever else you can think of. And that’s a tall order.

However, our team has years of experience. And building quality eCommerce websites has become second nature to us. The art is really about personalizing or customizing it to your brand.

Optimized Ecommerce Websites

Online doesn’t just mean desktop. With phones and tablets becoming reliable alternatives to desktops computers and Macs, it’s added another dimension to design. In fact, most people are browsing online, watching videos and doing their shopping on their phone! And What works on a desktop screen doesn’t necessarily translate onto a phone or tablet screen. A desktop is generally far more spacious and allows you to display more content. Whereas a phone, while it is convenient, limits the user’s ability to explore your website with the same ease as on a laptop or tablet. However, that’s where a little ingenuity can go a long way. We’ll advise you on what to display as well as where and how, so you can most effectively engage your users.

Two Trees Studio can optimize your eCommerce website to work on all devices. That way whether someone is going through your store on a tablet, desktop or phone, they’ll still be able to navigate through your pages with ease.

Ecommerce solutions you can trust

Two Trees Studio is a digital agency based in Calgary. And we’ve been helping businesses build and thrive online for over 15 years. Part of what makes our job so great is working with a variety of unique clients from many different fields of work. It’s a pleasure to build working relationships with our clients. It gives insight to how things work in different domains and ultimately allows us to serve you better.

We take pride in delivering excellent customer experiences and providing top tier web design services. And we are committed to your success. Because if you succeed, so do we. We’re in the business of producing exceptional eCommerce websites. And whether you’ve come to us purely for aesthetic or functional purposes or need an increase in sales, we measure those results. Which means that in order for us to achieve our goals, you need to reach yours.


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