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Get More Leads for Appliance Repair Business With A Professional Website

When your appliance breaks and you don’t know who to call to fix it, what do you do? Most people search on Google. When appliance repair marketing is done right, when they search – they find you. You need more than a properly set up website. To get more Google clients you need exciting content, perfect reviews and a whole lot more. Two Trees Studio will stop your business from losing clients and leads, with a professional and affordable web design or redesign services. Your appliance repair website is your online representer of your business . And with the help of a web design company like Two trees Studio, you can get more out of your digital online marketing. Our company of professional web developers in Calgary, will help you generate the more traffic and customers. We do it by keeping your appliance repair web design simple for your customers. Giving your business a website that is attractive, responsive and best of all, user friendly.

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What's Included in Our Service?

 Web Development For Appliance Repair Companies

Your website is best online representer for  your business and the way which people will immediately judge whether or not to hire you. Here is the list of things that put your website down; slow loading times, struggling to navigate around a website or not understanding how to quickly and easily book a service which they can trust. Two Trees Studio will take care of all of that for you. Designing and building appliance repair websites is something we’ve already done for many companies in Canada and United States.

Better Online Visibility  For Appliance Repair Companies

The only way your business website will yield results is if it is visible. Visibility is high on the first search engine result page. Search for your appliance repair business combined with your location. If you do not see your business on the first page, you need serious Appliance Repair Company SEO. The reason other companies outrank yours is probably because they are using better SEO.

Brand Awareness

Facebook Management & Weekly Posting. Facebook Ad Management. Blog roll management & content creation. Email marketing list management. Monthly email newsletter to your subscribers & customers.

Organic SEO For Appliance Repair Companies

This is most  cost-effectiveness, long-term user engagement and trust are concerned. Organic SEO means getting you to the top of Google search results for free, no one ever really looks beyond the first page. In this case, that work means releasing interesting content like blog posts and articles, optimizing your website properly and generally showing to your potential clients and Google that you are trusted and that you are active.

Google Ads Management

Google ads took  their place in appliance repair marketing like they do with many others. Only because most people will search for appliance service at the top of first page. That why, PPC advertising like Google AdWords needs to be setup correctly . Otherwise, you risk using up a lot of money for not much gain. We ensure your Add setup and running correctly .

How Will Appliance Repair Companies Get Me More Customers?

You need Professional Appliance Repair Branding and Marketing

If you are running a business that targets a specific location  you might be lucky. Two Trees Studio have worked with local companies for many years. Local businesses do not have to wait long time to get to Google. This is because the competitors might not be using strong SEO. With our professional SEO services for appliance repair business,  your website will be at the top of local searches within a reasonable time.


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