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SEMrush Organic Research

$250 /Month
*Include Semrush license for 3 websites

Better click fraud prevention for Google Ads starts with PPC Protect.

Click fraud will cost advertisers over $25bn in 2020. This includes you. Our next generation click fraud prevention SERVICES stops click fraud at source and protects your Google Ads campaigns with never before seen ease & accuracy.

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Discover new Organic Research

If content is king, keyword strategy is queen. Reaching the target audience via organic search is only manageable when you find the right keywords. With SEMrush Organic Research data, you can gain insights into your competitors’ organic content strategy.

Gaining high positions in Google’s search results is challenging. Keeping these positions requires even more SEO efforts than you’d expect.By tracking competitors’ position changes and comparing them with your own, you’ll see where your organic search tactics are winning and if there is room for improvement. Keyword rankings reflect consumer’s changes in behaviour and help you to be proactive and react instantly to changing organic search trends. The SEMrush Position Changes Report keeps you up-to-date on competitors’ domain position changes in organic search results, as well as your own.