IT Support

IT Support Calgary


Two Trees Studio provide different IT support services in a flexible approach designed to fit everyone’s needs.It could start from resolving an issue with your server and end up with helping to use a product. We are happy to assist any client from home user to a mid-size business.

Two Trees Studio can assist in your IT Service Improvement Program, ultimately helping you achieve your IT business objectives. Migrate your software, upgrade your hardware or provide any other technical solution. Contact us as often as you need help. Our support technician will give you the best advice possible, and if you require a service, it could be arrange either on-site or using remote connection.

Even the smallest network outage could send your staff into “fire drill mode”, scrambling to get work done. At Two Trees Studio we will find best, cost-efficient and secure way to manage you technology, prevent or minimize a damage caused by any outage. Moreover through our proactive service plans we monitor and react to issues before they turn into emergencies.

We can administer and technical support your servers – Microsoft windows servers 2008, 2012,2016 and 2019, Microsoft Exchange servers 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 plus Small Business server support and Apple OS X servers – remote server support and onsite.


We offer monthly support & low-cost packages that scale to the needs of our clients. On-demand remote desktop and telephone support for your company .


  • Basic Support - 8Hr remote support or 6Hr on site   - 390$/Month
  • Silver Support - 24Hr remote support or 16Hr on site  - 960$/Month
  • Gold Support - 48Hr remote support or 33Hr on site - 1680$/Month

* travel time is not including


  • 30 Minute Fix - 390$/Month
  • 1 hour Fix - 70$/Month
  • 5 hour Fix - 290$/Month