Fraud Click Protection & Invalid Traffic Prevention

Two Trees Studio – Fraud Click Protection Services

Click fraud accounts for around 50% of all invalid traffic. But that leaves another 50% on the table, potentially still impacting advertising accounts.

Two Trees Studio can help setup automated software system uses advanced AI to monitor your ads in real time, analyzing each click and using the data from millions of clicks to determine if the click is legitimate or fraudulent. Thanks to our database of anonymous clicks our AI works with such accuracy you could even call it magic.

Fraud Click Protection

How it Works

  1. The Click. – The click on the ad passes through our monitoring funnel in under 100ms – faster than the blink of an eye.
  2. Data Collection. – When passing through the monitoring funnel we collect thousands of pieces of unique data. It is  including IP address, device ID, resolution, user agent, location and more.
  3. Data Analysis. – We analyze and cross-reference this data in real time with our existing bank of fraudulent devices/activity and global blacklists, as well as using machine learning & real time analysis to identify new fraudulent activity not seen before.
  4. Click quality check. – PPC Algorithm will detect if  click was fraudulent, that user is blacklisted and can no longer see your ads. In addition, we rank this click for our Click Threat Level™ detection.
  5. Exclusions. – Filtered traffic is blocked within your PPC account by adding them to an exclusions list via a secure & audited API connection. We don’t need managerial access for this, meaning your account is secure.
  6. Avoid Limits. – Click Threat Level™ detection technology means that Google Ads 500 IP limit in the blacklist isn’t an issue. We ensure it’s always populated with the IPs most likely to commit fraud.

Two Trees Studio – Fraud Click Protection Services

Our friendly support superstars are always here to answer any of your click fraud queries or questions.  We’re also here to help you with any general Google Ads, PPC or paid marketing questions you might have. Our whole team at Two Trees Studio – Fraud Click Protection Services are certified Google Ads professionals, and we’re always happy to help.

With 18/5 support on hand for all users every step of the way, you can be sure you’re in good company with Two Trees Studio – Fraud Click Protection Services.